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Why you so Shady?

Why you so Shady?

I love when people use everyday items in unexpected ways. This experiment can go either really wrong or so right you wish you thought of it. Case in point of a great way (I may be biased) is our fabulous retailer Paper Source who carries many Golden Fox products including our "Plams" wrap. When I saw this pic in my Instagram feed my thought process went something like this "Wow, cute idea to cover a lam....wait WHAT!? That's our design!!!" And then texted Missy and all my DIY craft loving friends and I called my Granny, she doesn't text, who is the biggest crafter I know. I told her to sit down before ai told her the good news because she just about fainted when I first told her our Paper Source was one of our retailers. Click here to find our "Palm" wrap and other gift wrap styles.

Do you have pictures of a creative way you have used a Golden Fox product? We love to see them so please email or tag us if you have some pics!





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